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Slew drives are modular power drives and stand out through their compact design. The robust slewing bearing precisely meshes with the worm gear and secures an optimal transfer of forces and high output torque. Our design and manufacturing experience guarantees an innovative product with a low overall height and reliable operation.

Our slew drives provide a complete, ready-to-mount solution. Procurement and mounting of several components are no longer necessary. The global presence of HZPT gives you worldwide access to the most popular standard dimensions with quick lead times. Thanks to versatile interfaces, you get the highest flexibility for the connection of:

  • hydraulic motors
  • electric motors
  • brakes and
  • sensors.

The enclosed housing guarantees a sustainable, low-maintenance operation without loss of lubrication and protection against environmental influences. Due to their compact design, slew drives are well suited for usage in the construction, agriculture, and forestry industries. Examples are loading cranes, aerial working platforms, and steering systems for special vehicles.

Performance Parameters

Front View Top View


Output torque Tilting moment torque Holding torque Axial load Radial load Ratio Backlash Weight
输出转矩 倾覆力矩 保持力矩 轴向承载力 径向承载力 速比 精度 重量
18.5 kN.m 196 kN.m 82 kN.m 1810 KN 675 KN 94:1 <= 0.1 ° 120Kg
13640 Lbf.ft 144500 Lbf.ft 60500 Lbf.ft 406000 Lbf 151700 Lbf

Slewing Drive Characteristics

Slewing drives are unique on the market due to their versatility. While slewing drives are standard in size and external dimensions, custom and customer-specific requirements can be followed in the early design stages. The worm gear input can be modified to accommodate different motor input shaft sizes according to application requirements. Cast iron or aluminum end caps are bolted to both sides of the worm shaft to press the gears into place. This prevents axial play and provides better backlash control.

The standard orientation of the slewing drive is horizontal, allowing high axial loads and minimal radial loads. However, the vertical direction is widely distributed in different applications. The number of bolts and their distribution on the slewing drive surface play an essential role in the load capacity of the slewing drive. Still, custom modifications can be made to fit/replace the current models used by our customers.

The Benefits of Using Slewing Drive Technology

Slewing drives are a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional gearbox systems. Its advantages include:

(1) High Power Density: While slewing rings are most commonly used to generate slewing rotation, slewing drive technology utilizes the capacity of its internal slewing ring while introducing a built-in drive through a worm gear. The worm gear design can better control the speed and reduction ratio than the standard slewing ring and pinion.
(2) Space saving: Slewing drives can save a lot of space in the vertical plane, as no other gearbox is required for speed reduction.
(3) Protecting Internal Components: In harsh environments, enclosed housing slewing drives protect internal components from debris and contamination with different sealing solutions.
(4) Plug and Play: Once the swing drive is in place and connected to power, it can be integrated and installed into any system. This setting improves the corrective adjustments made to the older system.
(5) Customizable: Slewing drives can be customized to suit their application, including multiple drive motors to double torque capacity.

Typical Applications

Slewing drive adopts slewing ring as its core component, which can simultaneously be an axial force, radial force, and tilting moment. Slewing drive is widely applied in modular trailers, cranes, aerial working platforms, solar tracking systems, and wind power systems.

Why Choose Our Slewing Drives?

We offer the different dimensions and construction series with straight or helical gearing, an open or closed structure, and screws and casing. We use other materials when manufacturing based on the customer’s requirements and operational conditions.

Technical features
Raceway diameter 222 mm up to 640 mm (9 in up to 25 in)
Max. output torque Up to 43,000 Nm (31,585 Ibf-ft)
Weight Up to 250 kg (551 Ibs)
Lubrication Grease
Temperature range -20°C up to +40°C
Design Enclosed housing, ball bearing
Slewing range 360°

Our slewing drives are available in a large variety of standard design sizes. We will gladly develop a slew drive tailored to your requirements if you are looking for an individual solution.

Contact us – we will be happy to help you!


1. What is the producing process?

A: Production process including raw material cutting, machine processing, grinding, accessories cleaning, assemble, cleaning, stoving, oil coating, cover pressing, testing, and package.

2. How to control the product’s quality?

A: Combining advanced equipment and strict management, we provide a high standard and quality slewing drive for our customers worldwide.

3: How long is your delivery time?

A: If there is stock, it is within 7 days; if there is no stock, it is 25-45 days, depending on the quantity.

4. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We have our factory with 20 years of experience in slewing drive; our type is factory + trade.

5: What are your terms of payment?

A: Stocks goods,100% prepaid. If goods need to produce,30% prepaid and the balance paid before shipment. For big orders over 50000 USD, we can accept L/C At sight.

6. What is your MOQ?

A: For standard type, no MOQ. To produce goods, we need according to slewing drive type.

7. What is transportation?
A: Small quantity, by express, such as DHL, UPS, TNT FEDEX. If large quantity, by sea or air.

8. Can you provide OEM service?
A: Yes, we provide OEM service, do as your size, packing, and other requirements.

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