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SH QD Type Bushings

SH QD bushings are designed for use with QD sprockets and pulleys and are available in a variety of bore sizes. Bushings come with standard keyway diameters, so it is important to select the proper bore diameter. Once the bore diameter is determined, the customer can proceed to select the desired bushing. Sleeves are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management standards. For easy installation and removal, SH QD bushings are designed to mate with PLI QD sprockets.
A good bushing should be free of oil and any anti-seize lubricant. It should then be installed on the shaft with the flange end down. Next, install the sprocket on the bushing, aligning the big end with the bushing. Finally, drill holes and install the pull-up bolts. SH QD bushings are available in metric and splined bores.

Dimensions of SH QD Type Bushings

  • Bushing Type: SH
  • Bore Size: 1-1/16″、1-3/4″、1-3/8″、1-9/16″、11/16″、15/16″、20mm、25mm、30mm、32mm、40mm、42mm、9/16″、
  • Dimension (A): 0.438″
  • Dimension (B): 1.871″
  • Dimension (D): 2.688″
  • Dimension (E): 0.875″
  • Dimension (F): 0.813″
  • Dimension (G): 0.125″
  • Dimension (L): 1.250″
  • Bolt Circle: 2.250″
  • Set Screw Size: 1/4 – 20
  • Wrench Torque: 108 LBS
  • Weight: 1.00 LBS



    Standard Mounting

    1. Make sure the cone on the bushing and the inside of the driven product is clean and free of oil or anti-seize lubricant.
    2. Slide QD bushing on a shaft, flange end first, then assemble key.
    3. Place the QD bushing on the shaft. Use only a standard Allen key to tighten the set screw on the key (hand-tight). Don’t push too hard.
    4. Slide the large end of the sprocket or other part taper hole into place over the cone, aligning the drilled bolt holes on the sprocket or other part with the taper holes in the bushing flange. Then assemble the pull-up bolt and lock washer.
    5. Tighten the pull-up bolts alternately and evenly to the tightening levels shown in the torque table below. Do not use extensions on wrench handles. There should now be a gap between the face of the sprocket or other part hub and the flange of the QD bushing to ensure a good tapered grip and press fit. NOTE: This gap must not be closed.

    How to Install SH QD Type Bushings

    Type QD bushings are manufactured under a quality management system and are ISO 9001 certified. Bushings are designed for use with PLI QD style sprockets for easy installation and removal. Type QD bushings have a set screw in the keyway for easy installation and removal from the sprocket hub. These bushings are standard industrial components and should not be lubricated during installation.
    First, make sure the bushings are free of anti-seize lubricants and oils. Place the QD bushing on the shaft, flange end first. Then, align the sprocket with the bushing. Make sure the big end of the sprocket is aligned with the bushing. Finally, drill the bolt holes and insert the pull-up bolts. Once complete, the shaft and sprocket are assembled and ready for service.

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